Storm Preparation: 4 Tips to Stay Safe and Minimize Damage

1. Take shelter in a safe location.

This might require evacuating your home—despite the natural desire to stay behind and protect it. If so, monitor weather and traffic reports to identify your evacuation route, secure your property and head for higher ground. If you can, take all of your vehicles with you. If you can’t, store them indoors or on high ground as close as possible to a sturdy building.

2. Keep insurance documents with you.

Place your insurance documents, vehicle registration and title in a waterproof bag and keep them with you. Then, take photos of your vehicles; this can help if you have a claim.

3. Report vehicle damage immediately.

Don’t try to start or move a flooded vehicle; you could cause more damage.

4. If it’s safe to drive, use caution.

Never drive over a downed electrical line, and avoid low-hanging and fallen power lines and debris. Never travel down a road submerged in water; underlying currents could carry your vehicle away. And if your vehicle stalls in water, immediately abandon it; floodwaters can rise several feet in a matter of minutes.